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 We are an excellent manufacturer specialized in the production of standard fasteners, stamping parts and stretching parts for more than 20 years. Our major customers include: Siemens, Regal Beloit, Radiall, Mitsubishi Electric, Nanjing Iveco, etc.
       Focus on quality is the foundation of an enterprise. To ensure quality, we have established an ISO9001 Quality Management System. From material to production machining and then to marketing, the quality is strictly controlled. All products sold carry a SGS report, a quality inspection report and a material certificate.
      Production standards we follow include National Standard, German Standard, American and British Standards, Japanese and Korean Standards (GB, ANSI/ASME,ISO,DIN,JIS...). We can also produce specifications and dimensions (non-standard) you need according to your requirements.
Main Products:
1.Standard Fasteners:
      1. National standard (GB) series fasteners, including axle check rings, hole check rings, split check rings, wave washers, saddle washers, disc spring washers, spring washers, conical washers, internal tooth washers, external tooth washers, internally serrated lock washers, externally serrated lock washers, conical serrated washers, check rings, snap rings, steel cable baffle rings, etc.
     2. German standard (DIN) series fasteners, including DIN6796, DIN6797, DIN6798, DIN6799, DIN471, DIN472 and DIN125.
      3. Copper and copper alloy series fasteners, including ① beryllium bronze check rings, beryllium bronze wave washers, beryllium bronze saddle washers, beryllium bronze external and internal tooth washers, etc. ② Phosphor bronze internal washers, phosphor bronze external tooth washers, ③ copper washers, brass washers, etc.
      4. Insulation spacer series (plastic fasteners), including graphite nylon spacers, mylar washers, nylon washers, red (black) vulcanized fiber paper washers, epoxy plate gaskets, plastic gaskets, etc.
2. Auto fasteners: Card holders, seal washers, reed nuts, two-axis adjustment washers, two-axis left bearing check rings, planetary gear thrust washers, hub bearing snap springs, rear-wheel hub bearing retaining snap springs, front and rear door handle brackets, etc.
3. Stretching Parts: Motor housing, reservoirs, etc.
       In addition, we can also produce according to drawings or samples to meet your requirements.
       Product materials include low carbon steel, 65 manganese steel, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, stainless steel, nylon and the like. Surface treatment contains blue and white zinc plating, color zinc plating, mechanical zinc plating, Dacromet, nickel plating, black coating, phosphating, painting, quenching and tempering and other technologies.
     Quality, credit and enthusiasm make us win the trust and appreciation of the majority of users. Our products are sold to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shandong, Beijing, Tianjin, Sichuan, Wuhan, Shenyang, Zhejiang and other parts of China; and even to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, etc. in recently several years. Our users all have established long-term partnerships with us after using our products. “Integrity, Innovation, Development, Environmental Protection” is our corporate culture. All our employees sincerely welcome friends both at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common brilliance.

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