The 17th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum in 2017

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The 17th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum in 2017 The 17th China International Motor Expo And Forum 2017 Exhibition time: June 7-9, 2017 Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Center Dear exhibitors

The 17th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum in 2017
The 17th China International Motor Expo And Forum 2017
Exhibition time: June 7-9, 2017 Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Dear exhibitors
Thank you for following the 17th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum in 2017!
How can companies have a global perspective, participate in domestic and international division of labor and competition, while being in the world's largest industrial and consumer goods market? This is already a very realistic problem. I would like to recommend the 17th China International Electric Machinery Expo and Development Forum to you, hoping that you can find the answer through this platform.
Organizers: Motor Branch of China Association for the Distribution of Mechanical and Electrical Products/Split horsepower Motor Branch of China Electrical Industry Association/Small Power Motor Special Committee of China Electrotechnical Society/Bearing Branch of China Association for the Distribution of Mechanical and Electrical Products/National Motor and Machinery Parts Product Inspection Center
Co organizers: China Machinery Industry Federation/China Electrotechnical Society/Resources and Environment Branch of China Institute of Standardization/China Association of Automobile Manufacturers/Machine Tool Branch of China Association of Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation/Nanyang Explosion proof Electrical Appliance Research Institute
Undertaking unit: Motor Branch of China Association of Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation/Guoliu Electromechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Exhibition Overview:
The China International Motor Expo is the first exhibition in the motor industry in Asia. With strong support from industry authorities and numerous brand enterprises, it has gone through 4 years of foundation and 13 years of brand promotion, gradually forming one of the brand exhibitions led by the economic and trade systems of Shanghai and Guangzhou.
The exhibition is fully promoted by over 100 professional media outlets, Convened multiple well-known brands in the industry (For example: ABB, SEW, Siemens, Leib Electric, Nord Power, Wolong Electric, Wande Electric, Dongming Electric, Dayang Electric, Datong Electric, Dongyuan Electric, China Ordnance Group, CRRC Electric, Haiguang Electric, Taifu Electric, Dechang Electric, Wannan Electric, Lanzhou Electric, Dazhong Electric, Sailimeng Electric, Jiamusi Electric, Pioneer Electric, Nanyang Electric, Far East Electric, Dalian Electric, Hebei Electric, Jinlong) Nearly a thousand companies, including Electric Motor, Zhongda Electric, Nanyang Explosion proof Institute, China Electric Appliance Science Research Institute, Shanghai Electric Tool Research Institute, Dashu Electric, Haijian Electric, Mingteng Electric, Shanghai Institute of Electrical Engineering, etc., participated in the exhibition, with over 30000 professional visitors. It was a successful gathering in the motor industry, and multiple seminars were held during the exhibition, all of which were successful.
The 17th Shanghai International Motor Exhibition in 2017 will continue to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the most prestigious and popular exhibition hall in Asia, to continue serving the motor industry and promoting its sustainable development. By fully utilizing the "two exhibitions in one" model of professional exhibitions and trade exhibitions, as well as the "three meetings in one" model of exhibitions, ordering meetings, and seminars, and the "four merchants gathering" model of manufacturers, distributors, supporting suppliers, and service providers, we aim to become a model exhibition in the international motor industry with market targeting, technical professionalism, practical results, user group specificity, and distinctive activity characteristics. We truly become a market promotion for the motor industry, showcasing new products, exchanging new technologies A platform for releasing new information and exploring new business opportunities. Welcome to this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will do our best to organize and invite professional visitors and buyers, and strive to provide you with valuable services and exhibition results!
Exhibitors - Visitor Statistics:
■ 30 countries and regions attended the exhibition, including the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Iran, South Korea, Japan, India, Mongolia, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, Türkiye, Indonesia and other countries in addition to Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong;
180 industry-leading enterprises and brands participated in this exhibition, including ABB, SEW, Siemens, Leiber, Wolong, Wande Electric, Dongming, Dayang, Datong, Dongyuan, China Ordnance Group, CRRC, Jiamusi Explosion Protection, etc;
35650 visitors conducted business negotiations and activities at the exhibition site, including GE Energy, Xinjiang Goldwind, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, Delphi, Gree Electric, Hitachi Electric, Siemens, Midea Electric, Toshiba Hydroelectric, Toyota, Haier, Schneider Electric, Panasonic Electric, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Bosch, etc;
90% of visitors participate in achieving cooperation intentions with exhibitors;
65% of visitors come from major automotive, electrical, fan, and motor manufacturing companies;
The seminar led by 20 industry leaders focuses on exploring the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry;
Exhibition scope:
Motor categories: small and medium-sized motors, stepper motors, DC motors, split horsepower motors, small power motors, micro special motors, explosion-proof motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless motors, traction motors, special motors, high-speed motors, low-speed motors, vibration motors, reduction motors, servo motors, series excited motors, ultrasonic motors, automotive motors, gear motors, asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, high-efficiency motors, AC motors Speed regulating motors, variable frequency motors, electric tools, household appliance motors, motors, large motors, generator sets, etc;
Motor control systems and devices: relays, connectors, drivers, speed regulators, sensors, converters, heat sinks, capacitors, fans, thermal protectors, control systems, servo systems, power electronic devices, CNC devices, switchgear, protection and control devices, vacuum equipment, frequency converters, transformers, etc;
Supporting products and materials: commutators, bearings, rectifiers, shafts, motor shells, end caps, electromagnetic wires, enameled wires, lubricants, brushes, molds, carbon, brushes, carbon, iron cores, collector rings, aluminum die-casting, stamping molds, punching plates, ovens, wires, semiconductor materials, permanent magnet materials, soft magnetic materials, insulation materials, electrical materials, powder metallurgy, engineering plastics, junction boxes, connectors, new environmental protection technologies Motor CAD design software, manufacturing and management software, motor energy-saving, electrical alloys, etc;
Testing instruments and equipment categories: wire winding machines, stamping machines, forging equipment, forging machinery, hydraulic machines, motor drives, industrial control equipment, production equipment, protection and control devices, vacuum equipment, insulation coating equipment, punching equipment, plastic presses, specialized processing equipment, precision turning machines for directional converters, groove cutting machines, vacuum executives, insulation sheet insertion machines, spot welding machines, magnetization machines, electrostatic powder coating machines, mold fixtures Armature tester, motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, electric quantity tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instrument, online testing instrument, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment, tooling, production line, etc;
Exhibition details:
Note: The international exhibition area is a luxury standard exhibition; The open space does not come with any exhibition stands or facilities. Exhibitors can arrange special decoration work on their own or entrust a construction company recommended by the organizing unit.
Exhibition projects
Specifications and requirements
Domestic exhibition area
World Pavilion 
Foreign funded enterprises
Standard booth 
3m x 3m
13800 yuan/piece
16800 yuan/piece
$3600 per piece
Double sided open booth
3m x 3m
15800 yuan/piece
18800 yuan/piece
$4000 per piece
Indoor open space
36m ² Initial booking
1300 yuan/m ²
1600 yuan/m ²
Standard booth configuration: including exhibition venue, 2.5m high wall panel, lintel production, 9 square meter carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 5A/220V single-phase socket, and two spotlights.
Advertising example note: The exhibition specifications (210mm * 285mm), imported copperplate paper, and layout content are designed by the exhibitors themselves.
¥ 18000
Back cover
¥ 15000
Cover Two
¥ 10000
Title page
¥ 8000
Feng San
¥ 6000
Color full page
¥ 5000
Black and white genuine
¥ 4000
Company Introduction
¥ 1500
¥ 4000
Breast badges (10000 pieces)
¥ 20000
¥ 6000
Arch (Sky)
¥ 5000
Data bag/3000 pieces
¥ 10000
Tickets (10000 tickets)
¥ 5000
Technical exchange:
New product and technology launch events for enterprises: to be held in specific exhibition areas, with the assistance of the organizers to invite visitors. Independent research and development units can apply for registration;
Technical exchange forum: held in a specific conference hall, hosted by industry experts and authoritative figures invited by the organizer, comprehensively elaborating on industry priorities, hotspots, and the future; Development direction and relevant policy guidance.
Fee standard: Domestic RMB 12000/session/hour, foreign USD 4000/session/hour (providing related services such as sound system, projector, screen, mineral water, etc. For companies that need to hold technical lectures, please contact the organizer in advance and report the lecture topic, content introduction, and name of the speaker to the organizing committee 50 days before the lecture)
Contact information: (For exhibition and viewing matters, please contact us)
China Mechanical and Electrical Products Distribution Association Motor Branch - Secretariat of Investment Promotion Department
Office address: 20th floor, No. 2659 Shuishui Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Registration hotline: 021-6227349/56641701
Fax: 021-62769011
Responsible person: Mr. Yu Yang, 137 7429 4069
Customer service QQ: 893832184/210839844
WeChat official account: motor-china888
Exhibition official website:
If you want to learn more about the latest developments in the motor industry, please follow the exhibition official website, official WeChat